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The Legends of Writh
Explore the world of Writh in this campaign wiki
for the world's greatest roleplaying game.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Creating a Character
Races 5
Subraces 6
Templates 2
Classes 1
Subclasses 17
Prestige Classes 1
Backgrounds 0
Equipment 0
Feats 2
Spells 21
Magic Items 2
Part 2: Characters 40
Archivists 0
Barbarians 3
Bards 4
Clerics 5
Druids 0
Fighters 4
Monks 5
Mystics 3
Paladins 4
Rangers 1
Rogues 8
Sorcerers 0
Warlocks 6
Warlords 0
Wizards 7
Part 3: Campaigns
Blood Price
Darker Corners
Sins of the Past
Tales from the Yawning Portal
The Price of Honor
Tyranny of Dragons
Part 4: Running the Game
Monsters 6
NPCs 0
Beasts 0


Producer/Administrator. Kevin Kragenbrink
Contributing Authors. Aya, Iceciro, Kevin, Evelyn, Maja, Rob
Cover Illustrator. Korolevatumana


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Gaining Access

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